1) Collaboration with Georgetown University

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College News: UIC inks MoU with Georgetown University

Georgetown University will be providing UIC students with favourable admission prospects after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UIC on 5 November 2013.

The recruitment scheme has been largely directed towards the Biostatistics programme enrolment. Other Master’s Degree Programmes offered to UIC students include biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology, and tumour biology. Georgetown University encourages applications from students of the Statistics, Food Science and Engineering, and Environmental Science programmes.

UIC students no longer have to submit a TOEFL or an IELTS examination score for their application. If more than ten students are recruited, they will get a 10% discount in tuition.

Students interested in programme enrolment in Georgetown University may apply online at http://biomedicalprograms.georgetown.edu/admissions, or contact Ms Caroline Goon at ctw26@georgetown.edu. The application deadline for the fall 2017 semester is on 15 May 2017.


2) Collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington

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College News: Victoria University of Wellington seeks cooperation with DST

UIC Statistics programme is in collaboration with the Victoria University of Wellington to develop the Applied Statistics postgraduate programme. The programme begins in 2015. It will include course work and an internship, and will be completed in three trimesters (March-June, July-October, and November-February) full time or in three years part time when completed as a part-time student.

Victoria University of Wellington ranks first in New Zealand for its research quality. Located in the capital of New Zealand, it also provides an agreeable environment and abundant work opportunities. After graduation, students can get a one-year working visa to hunt for a job, and if successful, they can stay another year.

More information:
Master of Applied Statistics: http://msor.victoria.ac.nz/Main/MasterofAppliedStatistics2015
VUW Alumni Stories: http://msor.victoria.ac.nz/Groups/Alumni/AlumniStories