1. Principle Investigators

Prof. Stephen Chung
Prof. Chung, Dean of Division of Science and Technology in UIC, Professor in Food Science and Technology Program. He obtained his PhD Degree from UC Berkeley. Before returning to Hong Kong in 1991, Professor Chung received postdoctoral training at the MIT and taught at the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago. In Hong Kong, he was a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular Biology, and later he was appointed Professor of Physiology, University of Hong Kong, in 2005. His contributions in the field included a list of publications in influential journals such as Cell, PNAS (USA), FASEB J., J. of Biological Chemistry, Diabetes, etc. Prof. Chung is well regarded for his work in the research of diabetes and its complications. He was among the first in the world to use transgenic and gene knockout mice to investigate the mechanism of diabetic complication.

Dr. Bruce Xu
Dr. Xu, Associate Professor, co-supervisor of doctoral student stationed in Hong Kong Baptist University-United International College Joint Institute of Research Studies (HKBU-UIC-JIRS). Dr. Xu received PhD from Department of Food Science in Chungnam National University, South Korea, in 2005. He conducted postdoctoral research work in Department of Cereal and Food Science in North Dakota State University during 2005-2008, followed by postdoctoral research work in Department of Veterinary Clinical in Purdue University, and Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation during 2008-2009. He owns memberships of American Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), American Chemical Society (ACS), American Society of Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM), American Society of Cereal Chemistry (AACC), and a senior member of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology. Currently Dr. Xu is serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief of Food Science and Human Wellness, Regional Editor of Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology; Associate Editor of Journal of Medicinal Plants Research; Editorial Board Members of The Open Addiction Journal, The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, as well as peer-reviewers for 20 international English journals. He has reviewed more than 300 papers for these international journals. Over the past 10 years, over 60 peer-reviewed papers authored and co-authored by Dr. Xu have been published in the international journals. The papers have been widely cited. Recently, Dr. Xu won "Outstanding Research Talent Award" in "the 2nd Innovation Development Forum of Chinese Food Industry-University-Research" in 2012.

Dr. Bo Lei
Dr. Lei received his B.Sc. in Plant Physiology from Lanzhou University in 1987, and a Master degree in Bioprocess Technology from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, in 1997, and a Ph.D in Food Nutrition & Health from University of British Columbia, Canada in 2006. Dr. Bo Lei, has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of protein science and biotechnology for over 15 years. Dr. Lei specializes in the downstream processing related to protein purification and characterization, and is very familiar with various protein techniques and has hands-on experience with large scale industrial production of proteins from various biological sources, which are critical for the success of the experiments described in this project. In his previous positions as principle scientist for commercial companies, Dr. Lei has successfully established many protein purification protocols, such as from canola waste by aqueous process with minimum water usage, egg white powder and bioactive peptides from egg, and large scale purification of antibodies from mouse ascitic fluid. Apart from this, Dr. Lei has extensive experiences in product design and development related to functional food and pharmaceutical products. As the project leader and key scientist in his previous position, he participated many product development projects including Probiotic Blend, Natural Collagen, Dietary Supplement Powder, NutriSeltzer™ series, JointKomfort™ series, and R.G. (RedGac)™ series Products. Lei was also the project leader for establishing some successful rapid diagnostic test kits related to human and crop diseases. Dr. Lei filed 6 patents for the company and designed 8 clinical trial protocols approved by US FDA.

Dr. Karen Poon
Dr. Poon received her B.Sc. from Faculty of Sciences, University of Hong Kong in 1985. She continued her M. Phil. in Department of Pharmacology of University of Hong Kong and finished the degree by 1990, while she was working in the Department of Physiology of University of Hong Kong. She worked in University of Toronto as research associate since 1989. After obtaining her citizenship in Canada, she registered as Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in University of Toronto in Canada and finished her degree in 2000. Her research focused on the metabolism of targeted drug in gastrointestinal system, liver and kidney, working on in-situ animal model and isolated-perfused organs. In the later years, she focused on the developed on the delivery system that would improve the efficacy of drugs. She was recognized by University of Toronto in 2000 by granting her the invention right on the development of novel drug delivery system. She continuously applied her knowledge in industrial products and improved the efficacy of various health food products by modifying the delivery formulation, which were then marketed in Canadian market. She had served as a program coordinator in Food science and Technology program in UIC since 2007 and helped to start the new degree program, before she became the Associate Dean of Division of Science and Technology since 2011. During her time in UIC, she has filed a patent on the methodology to produce Vitamin B12 using purely plant food material, and was invited by conferences from various countries including China, Canada and England to serve as a session chair and advisory board member. Dr. Poon has many years of experience in medicinal research, including drug metabolism and delivery system. She familiarized with in-situ animal model to study the drug metabolism; isolated-perfused liver and kidney to study the pharmacokinetics of medicine and the development of delivery system to improve the efficacy of drug. She has received recognition in 2000 from University of Toronto by granting her an invention right in the development of novel delivery system. She has applied her expertise to improve the delivery formulation of various health food supplement products that were marketed in Canada. Recently, she has filed a patent on the methodology to produce Vitamin B12 using purely plant food material that was published in July 2012. The recent interest is to explore the mechanism of using natural plant materials, e.g. algae, agricultural plant, for synthesis of useful materials, and for use in delivery system.

Dr. ChunFai Yu
Dr. Yu received his PhD in Environmental Toxicology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. After obtaining a research grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Dr. Yu further continued his postdoctoral fellowship in the Laboratory for Seafood Hygiene of Nagasaki University, Japan, in 2004-2006. The research area was the microbial origins of marine biotoxins as well as their purification and detection by chemical and animal assays.

Prof. Genfa Zhang
Prof. Genfa Zhang, is a renowned Geneticist. Currently he is a doctoral students' supervisor of Beijing Normal University; trustee of China's Genetics Committee; Director of the 12th Chinese Botanic Committee; Member of Editorial Boards of many important journals. Since graduation with a PhD in 1990, Prof. Zhang had been a visiting scholar or postdoctoral fellow in United Kingdom, Israel, and United States. During many years researches, over 20 items of Scientific Research projects have been achieved, including five central government NSFC general and key projects, projects of "973" key basic foundation research, "863" and "948" , and the projects of Beijing NSFC and so on. Over 100 theses have been published in the international and domestic journals, such as Plant Physiology, Plant Journal, Planta, Mutation Research, FEBS Letters, and so on. Over 10 treatise and textbooks have been published, the monograph Jojoba Resources Biology is especially influential for its originality. Based on the fruitful research outputs, two projects received the Second Award of Science-Tech Progress at provincial level; another project received the Second Award of Science-Tech Progress under the National Ministry of Education. On education research, the course of Genetics was authorised as standard class of National Bi-lingual Courses in 2007; the project achievement was approved for the First award in 2008 by Beijing Normal University. More than forty Master's and PhD students under supervision, with nearly 40 graduated.

2. Teaching and Research Assistants

Ms. Weixi Cai, a teaching assistant in Food Science Program in UIC. Ms. Cai received her Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University in 2006 and Master Degree in Food Science from University of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 2008. Her expertise area covers pharmaceutical science and food science.

3. Graduate Students

Ms. Fan Zhang, a Ph.D student in Food Science Program via HKBU-UIC-JIRS education system. Ms. Zhang received her BSc in Nanjing Agriculture University in 2006, and a Master Degree in Food Science from University of Leeds, in UK, in 2008. Her expertise area covers food science and biology. She is conducting her PhD study at Key Laboratories in UIC.

Ms. Chang Xu, a Ph.D student in Food Science Program via HKBU-UIC-JIRS education system. Ms. Xu received her BSc in BNU-HKBU UIC in 2010, and a Master Degree in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. Her expertise area covers environmental science and microalgae cultivation. She is conducting her PhD study at Key Laboratories in UIC.

Mr. Bin Du, a Ph.D student in Food Science Program via HKBU-UIC-JIRS education system. Mr. Du received his Master Degree in Food Science from Shenyang Agricultural University in 2006 and has several publications in the area of food science. His expertise area covers natural products chemistry and cosmetic science. He is conducting his PhD study at Key Laboratories in UIC.

Mr. Xiong Xin, a Ph.D student in Food Science Program via HKBU-UIC-JIRS education system. Mr. Xin received his BSc in Kunming University of Science and Technology in 2008, and a MSc Degree in Yunnan University in 2011. His expertise area covers microbiology. He is conducting his Ph.D study at Key Laboratories in UIC.