Brief introduction

The goal of this laboratory is to investigate the efficacy and mechanism of medicinal herbs, functional food, and folk remedies. We plan to use cell and animal models to study the remedies which appear to be effective in literature but lack scientific evidence of their efficacy and mechanism of action. We will focus on investigating herbs and remedies to fight cancer, obesity, diabetes and aging. Our strength is the existing team of investigators with expertise in cell and animal models for these diseases and laboratory facilities to support this type of research. 


  • To enhance integration and rational allocation of resources, optimize the structure of laboratory, and further promote interdisciplinary researches and collaboration between programmes, upgrade the overall strength.
  • To attract external research funds from local, provincial and central government and industries etc.
  • To construct a solid technical platform, and further foster scientific research of UIC to a new level.
  • To establish a research team with strong innovation capability and full of team spirit.
  • To create conditions to attract and train outstanding young academic talents, solid R & D capabilities, and broaden academic reputation of our laboratory in the region.
  • To provide structural basis in terms of soft and hard environment, and further create and apply provincial, national key laboratory.

Lab members:

  • Prof. Stephen Chung, DST (Director)
  • Dr. Baojun XU, Food Science, DST (Associate Director)
  • Dr. Bo LEI, Food Science, DST
  • Dr. Karen POON, Food Science, DST
  • Dr. Vincent YEUNG, Food Science, DST
  • Dr. ChunFai YU, Environmental Science, DST
  • Prof. Genfa ZHANG, Food Science, DST

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