Research Programmes:

The Division of Science and Technology offers PhD and MPhil degree programmes. The degrees are awarded by the Hong Kong Baptist University. Each student will have a principal supervisor and a co-supervisor, one from UIC and one from HKBU. Currently PhD and MPhil degrees are offered in the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Probability and Mathematical Statistics. For details, please refer to the webpages in UIC Graduate School.

PhD in Biology
        MPhil in Biology
PhD in Chemistry
        MPhil in Chemistry
PhD in Computer Science and Technology
        MPhil in Computer Science and Technology
PhD in Probability and Mathematical Statistics         MPhil in Probability and Mathematical Statistics


Taught Postgraduate Programme

The Division will offer Master of Science in Data Science in 2019-2020 Academic Year. For more information, please refer to the Programme webpage or Programme brochure.



DST PhD Student Won the 2019 Asia Young Scientist Award