Publishing giant Elsevier announced the list of 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers on 27 February 2017. Prof Fang Kaitai, Professor of Statistics at UIC’s Division of Science and Technology, was among the 86 researchers in mathematical sciences.

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. The influence of a researcher is measured significantly based on the number of citations of all his or her articles. The research data of the list came from the online citation database Scopus, the biggest database of peer-reviewed academic papers owned by Elsevier.

Prof Fang Kaitai's publications

Prof Fang Kaitai, a world-renowned statistician and a prolific researcher, is known as “The Father of Uniform Design.” He worked as visiting professor in many universities like Yale and Stanford. After teaching in Hong Kong Baptist University for 15 years, Prof Fang joined UIC and helped establish the Statistics Programme.

He believes cultivating students is the essence of education. Not only does the programme partner with world-top universities, but also many of its graduates have gained high achievements.

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Prof Fang Kaitai at the 24th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics with his students and colleagues

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