Year 3 Computer Science and Technology (CST) student Zhang Tianhao was in Beijing from 16 to 18 April for the International Conference on Educational Research and Practice. As one of the very few undergraduate attendants, he presented the paper “IOCT: Interest-Oriented Categorized Teaching Method Exploration on Information Literacy Training based on Educational Data Mining.”

Zhang Tianhao and his research project

The paper was completed by him and his fellows Yao Liyang as well as She Haoyu, and they were advised by CST Senior Lecturer Ji Chunyan.

Held by the American Society of Science and Engineering, the conference provided a platform for experts and scholars from all over the world to discuss the latest achievements in education research and practice. Papers in the conference will be published in Education Research Frontier, an international open access journal by Ivy Publisher.

Zhang Tianhao with some other participants

Ms Ji Chunyan mentioned that while most of the participants were professors and postgraduate students, UIC’s undergraduate students were able to realise their research potential under the guidance of teachers.

“My students’ research paper explored a new teaching model of the Information Technology course at UIC. They conducted extensive investigations, analysis, and discussions based on the IT course data in the last five years and eventually designed an interest-oriented teaching model fitting UIC.” Ms Ji revealed that her IT teaching team would further optimise this model and apply it to practical teaching as soon as possible.

Reporter: Chris Liu (ATS, Year 4)
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)