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Hong Kong Baptist University

Application for Admission to Postgraduate Studies 2009-2010

The Hong Kong Baptist University invites applications for admission in the 2009-2010 academic year to the following postgraduate programmes:-

Coursework Degrees/Postgraduate Diplomas/Postgraduate Certificate:  Classes will begin in September 2009

Late applications may be considered when places are still available.  Interested applicants please visit our web site for an up-to-date application schedule.

Application Deadline

15 January 2009

Programme Mode

PgDip in Education

1-Yr (FT) / 2-Yr (PT)

PgDip in Educ - Subj Teaching & Subj Knowledge Stream

2-Yr (PT)


31 January 2009

Programme Mode

Master of Visual Arts in Art Administration

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)


28 February 2009

Programme Mode

MA in Chinese Literature, Language & Culture

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MA in Communication

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MA in Liberal Studies & Ethics

1-Year (PT)

Master of Business Administration

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television & Digital Media

3-Year (FT)

Master of Public Administration

2-Year (PT)

Master of Social Work

2-Year (PT)

MSc in Information Technology Management

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MSocSc (Contemporary China Studies)

2-Year (PT)

MSocSc in Media Management

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MSocSc in Social Work

2-Year (PT)

MSocSc in Youth Counselling

2-Year (PT)


15 March 2009

Programme Mode

MA in International Journalism Studies

1-Year (FT)

MA in Language Studies

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MA in Translation & Bilingual Communication

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

15 March 2009 (Continued)

Programme Mode

MA/PgDip in Music

2-Year (PT)

Master of Education

2-Year (PT)

MSc in Analytical Chemistry

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MSc in Environmental & Public Health Management

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

MSocSc in Sport & Leisure Management

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)

PgCert in Music

Module (PT)

PgDip in Professional Accounting

1-Year (PT)


30 April 2009

Programme Mode

MSc in Applied Accounting & Finance

1.5-Year (PT)

MSc in Operational Research & Business Statistics

1-Year (FT) / 2-Year (PT)


31 May 2009

Programme Mode

Master of Chinese Medicine

1-Year (FT)  / 2-Year (PT)

Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Chinese Medicine

1-Year (FT)  / 2-Year (PT)

MSc in Corporate Governance & Directorship

1-Year (FT) / 1.5-Year (PT)


30 June 2009

Programme Mode

MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management

2-Year (PT)

PgDip in Human Resources Management

1-Year (PT)


31 July 2009

Programme Mode

Doctor of Business Administration

3-6 Years (PT)


Œ   Subject to University's approval

Research Degrees   (Full-time & Part-time)

Application Period:  Year-round Admission
All fields of study offered by the respective units as listed below are at both Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & Master of Philosophy (MPhil) levels.

Faculty of Arts

School of Business

Chinese Language & Literature

Accountancy & Law

English Language & Literature


Language Centre

Finance & Decision Sciences



Religion & Philosophy


Humanities Studies


Translation Studies

School of Chinese Medicine







School of Communication

Faculty of Social Sciences

Cinema & Television

Education Studies

Communication Studies



Government & International Studies



Faculty of Science

Physical Education


Social Work



Computer Science






Postgraduate students from Mainland China who wish to complete their M.Phil or Ph.D programme at the United International College may also apply.  Special arrangements (e.g. course work, accommodation, etc.) will be made by the United International College for those students.

Application Procedures & Enquiry

Application materials are now obtainable
(a)    in person from the self-service counter outside the following office (8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Daily)
(b)    through the Internet

Applications may be submitted
(a)    in person to the following office during office hours or to the collection box outside the office from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily

  1. by mail to the same office
  2. through the On-line Application System

Address  :  Office of Graduate School (Level 7, Fong Shu Chuen Library, Ho Sin Hang Campus at Waterloo Road), Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
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Financial Assistance

Normally, studentships are awarded to full-time MPhil/PhD students.