Dr. Baojun (Bruce) Xu, assistant professor of Food Science and Technology at Division of Science and Technology, United International College (UIC), has been selected by the Maxwell Science to be the Regional Editor of Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology (AJFST), starting from December 1, 2010. Previously, he also has been named as an Associate Editor of Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, and an Editorial Advisory Board Member of The Open Nutraceuticals Journal since joined UIC.


(Dr. Baojun Xu on a Mississippi River ferry in New Orleans during American Chemistry Meeting in 2008)

"I am very excited about taking on this role and working with the many excellent editors and authors of AJFST's. This is an honor, but more importantly, it is an important service role for the discipline," said Bruce. "My primary goal is to publish articles that are based on rigorous research and have direct applicability to the industry; my secondary goal is to raise the global reputation of UIC in the field of food science and technology."

AJFST is a leading international science journal containing original research, peer scientific reviews of all basic and applied aspects of food science.

Reporter: Fannie Fang
Published by DST