20131211-W-03.jpgProf Stephen Chung and Prof Peter Donelan exchange souvenirs

Visitors from Victoria University of Wellington explored the potential cooperation with Statistics Programme of the Division of Science and Technology (DST) at UIC, during their trip to UIC on 11 December.

The visitors were Head and Deputy Head of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, Prof Peter Donelan and Prof Ivy Liu.

Dean of DST Prof Stephen Chung gave an overview of UIC to the visitors at the Council Chamber, highlighting that UIC uses English as the medium of instruction, and that many students are apt to go abroad for postgraduate study.

Prof Peter Donelan told that Victoria University of Wellington ranks first in New Zealand for its research quality. Located in the capital of New Zealand, it also provides an agreeable environment and abundant work opportunities.

Prof Ivy Liu added, “After graduation, students can get a one-year working visa to hunt for a job, and if successful, they can stay another year.”


The two sides then discussed further cooperation in various fields, including admission privileges. Prof Peter Lam, Programme Director of Financial Mathematics; Dr Huajun Ye, Programme Director of Statistics Programme; Prof Kaitai Fang, Professor with Statistics Programme; and Mr Michael Ching, Director of Centre for Advanced and Professional Studies also attended the meeting

20131220VUW.jpg(From left) Prof Peter Lam, Dr Huajun Ye, Prof Ivy Liu, Prof Peter Donelan, Prof Stephen Chung, Prof Kaitai Fang and Mr Michael Ching

In the afternoon, the visitors held an information session about the applied statistics postgraduate programme of their university to UIC students.

Prof Ivy Liu said: “The programme begins in 2015. It will include course work and an internship, and will be completed in three trimesters (March-June, July-October, and November-February) full time or in three years part time when completed as a part-time student.”


UIC students graduating in June might start the master course in July or March.

Reporters: Sean Chung and Liu Yiyu
Photographers: Fuyan Ruohan and Du Shasha
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)