On 29 October, at the invitation of the Division of Science and Technology of UIC and the BNU-UIC Mathematics Research Centre, IEEE Fellow Prof Li Xin from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Duke University, gave a lecture on 'Domain-Specific AI: Practices and Applications’ to teachers and students.

Prof Li introduced novel AI algorithms and applications in commercial, industrial, medical and other fields, as well as some problems in development, and proposed solutions and future directions in terms of technical challenges.


Prof Li delivering the lecture

Prof Li pointed out some problems encountered in the development of AI. For example, although major technology companies have many data analysts who are proficient in AI algorithms, few talents can turn business demands into mathematical issues. Prof Li mentioned the application of Testing Transmission Bit Error Rate, and briefly introduced the application of the algorithm in reducing cost and improving wafer yield. Also, Prof Li introduced some applications of artificial intelligence in medical and health fields, such as early detection of autism.


Participants of the lecture

Considering that most of the students were undergraduates, Prof Li also briefly introduced some specific applications of artificial intelligence besides advanced theories. For example, a module that can identify pedestrians is installed on a vehicle. When the vehicle is driven at night, the module automatically identifies passers-by and controls the lights to avoid the irradiation to the heads of passers-by. 


Audience asking questions

During the Q&A session, the audience enthusiastically asked questions and all them concerning how to commercialize AI algorithms and technologies were answered in detail by Prof Li.


Photo of guests attending the lecture (from left) Prof Shi Hongjian, Prof Zhang Hui, Dr Xuanyuan Zhe, Prof Li Xin, Prof Huang Huaxiong, Dr Zhu Shengxin

Prof Li received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005. He is a Professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Duke University and is leading the Institute of Applied Physical Sciences and Engineering and Data Science Research Center at Duke Kunshan University. Prof Li is a fellow of IEEE and the Deputy Editor-in Chief of IEEE TCAD. He was the General Chair of ISVLSI and FAC and served as an Associate Editor for several IEEE and ACM journals. His research interests include integrated circuit, signal processing and data analytics.

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Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Xia Meng