Four faculty members of Division of Science and Technology (DST) of UIC projects were funded by the foundation,

They are:

Prof Zhang Hui

Prof Zhang Hui's project is research on the Visual Diagnosis Method of Wind Turbine Blade Faults Based on 3D Dynamic Attitude Reconstruction. This project was awarded a funding amount of 590,000RMB.

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Prof Zhang Hui is currently the Programme Director of Computer Science and Technology and Programme Director of MPDS of UIC. She is also a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She obtained a PhD. in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong, and her research areas include computer vision, graphics, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Prof Zhang Hui's project combines artificial intelligence with engineering by using machine perception and machine vision technology. Aiming at the outstanding problems of blade’s fault diagnosis online, such as high cost and difficult implementation, the project proposed a new theory and new method for fault diagnosis based on contour information to reconstruct the three-dimensional posture characteristics of the blade. This scheme not only avoids deploying sensors or adding marking points but also reduces the demand for image acquisition equipment, laying a theoretical and technical foundation for online fault diagnosis of fan blades, which has important scientific and engineering significance.

Dr Alice Hui Man Wa

Associate Professor of Statistics Programme Dr Alice Hui Man Wa’s project is about looking at the conjecture of prime power from a non-translational projective plane. This project was awarded a 510,000RMB funding amount.

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Dr Hui obtained a PhD in mathematics from the University of Hong Kong. Her research areas include finite geometry, combinatorics (design theory), graph theory, etc.

Finite projective geometry originated from painting. It is an important branch of combinatorics and geometry and can be applied to many mathematical fields such as cryptography and statistical design. Related to this conjecture is the construction of non-translational planes. Dr Hui intends to discuss the properties and construction of non-translational planes, to advance the research of prime number conjecture.

Dr Chen Donglong

Assistant Professor Dr Chen Donglong’s project is about the research on the software and hardware collaborative computing platform of Quantum secure Lattice Cipher system. This research was awarded funding of 240,000 yuan as a Youth Program of Science Foundation.

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Dr Chen received his PhD degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. In August 2019, he joined the Data Science Programme in Division of Science and Technology at UIC as an assistant professor. His research interests are the cooperative optimal design of cryptographic algorithm and hardware, together with accelerated computing of software and hardware in deep learning algorithm.

The rapid development of quantum computer technology has brought threats to traditional information security systems. To meet the computing needs of cloud security services with high performance, high versatility, and easy expansion, Dr Chen's topic ‘Research on the Software and Hardware Collaborative Computing Platform of Quantum Secure Lattice Cipher System’ combines lattice cryptosystem algorithms, arithmetic algorithms, and hardware architecture, optimizes and improves the algorithm for the key operators in the algorithm of the lattice cryptosystem, and construct a scalable hardware coprocessor for lattice cryptography through parameterized design methods. It is expected that the research results can provide computing platforms of independent capabilities, high performance, high versatility, and expansibility for the cloud security service market.

Prof Sun Weiwei

Prof Sun Weiwei’s project is about the efficient algorithms and analysis of Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert in micromagnetics. This project was awarded funding of 520,000RMB and the project relied on Beijing Normal University’s application.

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Prof Sun is a well-known expert in computational mathematics. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Joint Mathematics Research Centre of Beijing Normal University and UIC, and the Chair Professor of Applied Mathematics Programme in Division of Science and Technology at UIC. He obtained a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Windsor in Canada.

The research on the numerical method of Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert has always attracted people's attention. Prof Sun's project studies the numerical calculation of Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert in micromagnetics and is committed to the development of high-efficiency linearization projection methods and the establishment of a new framework of theoretical analysis. At the same time, it will also study Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert in Coupling of Multi-Physics and related problems and stochastic models on manifolds, which provide basic help and technical support for the theoretical research and application of magnetic materials.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Covee Wang, Zhang Fan