Division of Science and Technology (DST) invited UIC’s Dr Raymond S.T. Lee, who is an Associate Professor of the Computer Science and Technology Programme as well as the Director of ITSC, to give a lecture on 23 October.


Dr Lee giving his lecture 

Dr Lee received his PhD in Computer Science from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and then taught there as an Associate professor in the Department of Computing before making his way to UIC. He has published over 100 publications and is an author of six textbooks/research monographs.

The room was filled with an eager audience of students and faculty ready to expand their knowledge on this extensive topic. His talk was titled ‘Quantum Finance Forecast System- A New Era of AI-Fintech System’.




Audience members captiavated by the lecture

In his talk, Dr Lee introduced this challenging AI-Fintech technology, and explained how the two pillars of Quantum Finance – Quantum Field Theory and Contemporary AI Technology can be integrated together to model financial big data and implement real time worldwide financial prediction and quantum trading systems.

He also explained a brief history of quantum finance and AI before talking about his research and ongoing projects. He said, “If weather can be forecasted than why can’t the financial market be as well” before continuing on to say that he has focused his life on the future and what can come next in the quantum finance and AI world.




Audience members asking questions

After his talked had concluded, numerous questions were asked by the audience. Some were digging deeper into his theories and research, while others asked specific questions about Quantum finance and AI.

Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)