This academic year is the second to host UIC’s taught master’s programmes, including Professional Accountancy (20 students), Communication (29 students) and the newly-launched Data Science (20 students).

At the end of the programme, graduates will be awarded the Hong Kong Baptist University Master’s Degrees.

All the three programmes recently had new student meetings to inform and inspire students on what the programmes have in store for them.

The MSc in Data Science programme is the newest of the three. “There is an urgent need for high-end talents in data science to support business decision-making, artificial intelligence and others,” said Programme Director Prof Amy Zhang. “The era of artificial intelligence has arrived, and UIC’s MSc in Data Science creates learning opportunities about this new technology.”

20190918GS 2

An orientation for the MSc in Data Science students

Compared with the postgraduate education of most universities in China, UIC's taught Master's degree education has a more flexible enrollment mode and shorter duration of study plus they use English as the medium.

Applicants do not need to participate in the national postgraduate admission examination, but should hold a Bachelor's degree certificate or equivalent certificate with a certain level of English.

Other than the Taught Master’s programmes, the Graduate School also have received 24 students studying the seven Research postgraduate programmes, namely Accounting and Business Management, Economics, Communication, Computer Science and Technology, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Chemistry as well as Biology.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Photographers: Ivy Liao, Yang Hongde
Editor: Deen He
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