A symposium on Experimental Design was held from 28 to 30 December 2018. This symposium was organised by Division of Science and Technology (DST) Professor, Prof Fang Kai-Tai. Prof Fang Kai-Tai was joined by Professor of Mathematical Sciences from Soochow University Prof Tang Yu, Associate Professor in Biostatistics from University at Buffalo Dr Ma Chang Xing, Assistant Professor in DST at UIC Dr Elsawah as well as some postgraduate and undergraduate students in the Statistics Programme. They discussed their recent research in the field of Experimental Design.



Teachers and students who attend the symposium

Dr Ma Chang Xing talked about new statistical methodology dealing with bilateral correlated data. Prof Fang Kai-Tai introduced the history of Experimental Design in China and many students were inspired by his presentation. Prof Fang and Dr Ma opened a number of new research areas in Experimental Design.


Pror Kang Kai-Tai explaining the history of Experimental Design in China

The uniform design over general domain, which is a very popular topic in the field of Experimental Design, was introduced by Prof Tang. The attendees had great interest in this topic and continued the discussion with Prof Tang after his presentation. Dr Elsawah spoke about building bridges among various criteria in orthogonal designs with applications, and gave inspiration to students

Three postgraduate students and five undergraduate students in the Statistics Programme elaborated about their recent research on Experimental Design. “I am impressed by the research work done by the students especially the undergraduate students. Their work is of a high standard and their presentations are excellent,” said Prof Tang. This symposium gave students the chance to study the latest frontier knowledge of Experimental Design. It also strengthened the academic exchanges among UIC and other universities, while raising the academic reputation of UIC.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney (MPRO)
(from DST)