Dear all,

To celebrate the UIC 15th anniversary, the Environmental Science Day (ENVS Day) will be launched on 11th December (Friday).

A series of activities will be held on the ENVS Day to publicize environmental protection knowledge, reveal the mysterious of environmental science labs.

We sincerely invite you to come and join us! Meaningful environmental protection knowledge, entertaining activities, and fancy souvenirs are waiting for you!

ENVS Day activities:

Location: T7-2nd floor platform Time: 10:00-15:00

  1. Recognition of wildlife —— Environmental Impact Assessment (Knowledge contest)
  2. Quick Quiz for environmental protection —— Theories behind acts (Knowledge contest)
  3. Plant specimen making —— Tools for biodiversity (hand-on)
  4. Reuse of the costal waste/ Painting on canvas bags —— 3R Principle in solid waste management (hand-on)

Location: T8-6th floor  Lab 603/610 Time: 13:00-16:00

  1. Leaf-vein-bookmark making/ Handmade soap making —— Intro to Environmental Chemistry (hand-on/ Sharing by ENVS professor & student)
  2. Microscope observation —— Basic tools for scientific research (hand-on/ Sharing by ENVS professor & student)
  3. Indoor air quality monitoring instruments —— Environmental Monitoring Techniques (hand-on/ Sharing by ENVS professor & student)
  4. Recycle metals from lithium batteries —— E-waste management (Sharing by ENVS professor & student)
  5. Oil Extraction from Cerbera Manghas —— Eco-friendly biofuel (Sharing by ENVS professor & student)
  6. The photographic exhibition of “The nature around us” contest

Looking forward to your participation!

Environmental Science Programme
Division of Science and Technology