-------A CERTIFICATE PROGRAMComprehensive education and training in business

statistics, market analysis and decision-making

Statistical analysis plays a key role in business decision-making, market research and financial management. To develop students* analytical skills using statistical techniques in economics, finance and accounting, the summer program combines courses in Statistics and Business. The combination allows students to develop their knowledge of the statistical techniques applicable to business. Specifically it is designed to train students how to effectively and skillfully apply statistics to a number of areas in business, such as financial management, market research, bank credit management, customer relationship management and risk management, etc. The students who have successfully completed all the courses of the program will have:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the techniques and applications of statistics in business problems;
  2. The ability to collect, analyze and interpret data in finance, business, risk management and stock movement etc.;
  3. The ability to visualize and analyze data using popular statistical software;
  4.  The confidence and ability to make business decisions and forecasts by using appropriate statistical models;

Period of Program

08-30 June, 2009


All undergraduates in UIC, irrespective of major, are welcome.



Program Structure

The program is made up of four subjects:

  • STAT 4120 Advanced Statistics for Business
  • STAT 3020/STAT 4140 Computer-aided Data Analysis
  • STAT 4150 Business Forecasting
  • STAT 4160 Mathematical Model in Future Options


  • 'STAT 4120 Advanced Business Statistics', 'STAT 4150 Business Forecasting' and 'STAT 4160 Mathematical Model in Future Options' will be offered during the Summer Vacation. They are non-credit courses.
  • 'STAT 4140 Computer-aided Data Analysis' is available to non-statistics students as General Education Electives during the normal academic semester period. For statistics students, STAT 3020 is major core subject. This course carries 3 credits.
  • Students after having successfully completed all four courses will be awarded a CERTIFICATE by the United International College (UIC).

Invited Speakers

STAT 4120 Advanced Business Statistics Prof. Kai-Tai Fang/Dr. Xiao-ling Peng
STAT 4150 Business Forecasting Dr. Hua-jun Ye
STAT 4160 Mathematical Model in Future Options Prof. Peter Lam/Dr. Hong-ming Cai

Course Fee

The tuition fee for the entire program is RMB 3,600. The details are as follows: 
For the three Summer Vacation Courses 'STAT 4120 Advanced Statistics for Business', 'STAT 4150 Business Forecasting', and 'STAT 4160 Mathematical Model in Future Options', tuition fee of each is RMB 1,200. 

Application Period:

April 17, 2007- April 30, 2007

Applying and paying for your course

If you are interested in the Summer School and would like to apply, please fill in the APPLICACATION FORM and submit it to Miss Wen-xuan Wang, office E409 or to by email.

You can pay the fee by debit cards. The university will deduct payments automatically from your bank account on the due dates. Please deposit 3600 RMB in your bank account.

For further inquiries, please contact

Dr. Ping He 3620625
Miss Wen-Xuan Wang   3620620
Miss Guo-qiu Zhang  3620631