Name: POON, Yuk King Karen
Position: Associate Professor, Food Science and Technology

Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • Ph.D.  Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto Canada
  • M.Phil.  Department of Pharmacology, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  • B.Sc.  Faculty of Sciences, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Director of Training Center for Food Safety Professional, Zhuhai, China (2010-present)
  • Zhuhai high-level talent granted by Human Resource and Social Security Office, the People’s Government of Zhuhai Municipal, China
Research Areas
  1. Bioenergy: platform for energy generation
  2. Bioenergy: mechanism of metabolic diseases and cancer
Selected Publications and Patents


  1. 2000, Invention right granted by University of Toronto, Canada on the area of novel delivery system using DNA nanomaterial.
  2. 2011 “A method to produce Vitamin B12 using purely plant food materials”  Patent application no: 2011104580214, published  in Documents of the invention 28(27), July,4 2012, approved by State intellectual property office of China in 2014.
  3. 2015 “ Live green algae driven microbial fuel cell” Patent application no:201510095057.9,published in Documents of the invention 31(23), June 2015, State intellectual property office of China
  4. 2016 “upgraded version of live green algae driven microbial fuel cell” Patent application no: 201610038376.0 , 2016/01/06

Recent publications:

  1. Wang R., Poon K (2016) Reduced electric current produced from mice hepatocytes of dampness (Shi) syndrome. Chinese Medicine accepted
  2. Wang R., MoYung KC., Zhao YJ., Poon K (2016) A mechanism for the temporal potentiation of Genipin to the cytotoxicity of Cisplatin in colon cancer cells. International Journal of Medicial Sciences 13(7):507-516
  3. Poon K., Liang L., Xu C., Wang R. (2016) The use of microbial fuel cells to monitor the current production in Qi-deficient liver cells. Journal of traditional Chinese medicine 32(2):231-237
  4. Wang R, MoYung KC, Zhang MH, Poon K. (2015) UCP2- and non UCP2-mediated electric current in eukaryotic cells exhibits different properties. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22(24), 19618-19631 (DOI: 10.1007/s11356-015-5155-6)
  5. Xu X., Poon K, Choi MMF, Wang R (2015) Using live algae at anode of microbial fuel cell to generate electricity. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22(20):15621-15635; DOI:10.1007/s11356-015-4744-8
  6. Xu C., Wang R. Zhang Y F., Cheng P., Choi M. F., Poon K.  (2015) Stress response of Chlorella pyrenoidosa to Nitroaromatic compounds. Environmental Science and Pollutant Research, 22(5):3784-3793 online (DOI) 10.1007/s11356-014-3582-4
  7. Poon K., Chung T.C., Xu C., Wang R.H. (2014) To investigate the correlation of proton leak and current produced from animal cells by microbial fuel cells. American Journal of Life Sciences  2(3), 176-181
  8. Shujuan Wang, Xian Wang, Karen Poon, Yini Wang, Shangfu Li, Hongxia Liu, Shuhai Lin, Zongwei Cai (2013) Removal and reductive dechlorination of triclosan by Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Chemosphere, 92: 1498-1505.
  9. Wang SJ.,Poon K., Cai ZW. (2013)  Biodegradation and removal of 3,4-dichloroaniline by Chlorella pyrenoidosa based on liquid chromatography – electrospray ionization – mass spectrometry.  Environmental Science and Pollutant Research 20(1): 552-557
  10. Yu HY., Wang SJ.,  Cai ZW., Poon K. (2012)  Differential handling of toxic chemicals by stress shock algae. International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Remediation 1: 114-121
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  13. Poon K., K.L. Hon & J.J. Huang (2011) The phytotoxicity of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol and phenol to local agricultural plant species in china. Food and Environment – The quest for a sustainable future. Edited by V.Popov and C.A.Brebbia. WIT Press  UK p.203-213, 2011
Courses Taught at UIC
  • Introduction of Food Science
  • Cosmetic Science and Food
  • Food Analysis
  • Chemical and Food Analysis Lab
  • Food Material and Processing
  • Food Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Biochemistry and Physiology
  • Environmental Health and Toxicology