Students are expected to complete 132 units within the curriculum structure below:

Course CategoryUnits
Major Required Courses (专业必修课) 48
Major Elective Courses (专业选修课) 12
General Education Core Courses (通识教育核心课) 32
General Education Distribution Courses (通识教育分类选修课) 12
Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules (全人教育体验学习课程) 4
Free Elective Courses (自由选修课) 24
Total 132

1) Major Required Courses

CodeEnglish TitleChinese TitleUnits
BIOL2003 General Biology 生物学 3
BIOL2013 General Biology and Chemistry Laboratory 生物和化学实验 3
BIOL2033 Food Microbiology 食品微生物学 3
BIOL2063 Biochemistry 生物化学 3
CHEM2003 General Chemistry 化学 3
CHEM2033 Analytical Chemistry 分析化学 3
FOOD2003 Introduction to Food Science 食品科学概论 3
FOOD2013 Food Chemistry 食品化学 3
FOOD3003 Food Analysis 食品分析 3
FOOD3013 Nutrition 营养学 3
FOOD3023 Food Toxicology 食品毒理学 3
FOOD3033 Chemical and Food Analysis Laboratory 化学与食品分析实验 3
FOOD3053 Food Materials Science 食材科学 3
FOOD3063 Food Process Engineering 食品加工工程 3
FOOD3073 Food Science Laboratory 食品科学实验 3
FOOD4004 Final Year Project I (FOOD) 毕业论文I 3
---- Total 合计 48

2) Major Elective Courses

Students are required to select at least 4 courses (12 units) from the lists below:

Science and Technology

CodeEnglish TitleChinese TitleUnits
BIOL2073 Physiology 生理学 3
FOOD3043 Life Cycle Nutrition 生命周期营养学 3
FOOD4003 Food Safety and Quality Management System 食品安全和质量管理体系 3
FOOD4005 Final Year Project II (FOOD) 毕业论文II 3
FOOD4013 Meat and Dairy Science 动物性食品与乳制品科学 3
FOOD4023 Functional Foods 功能食品 3
FOOD4033 Grain and Cereal Science 谷类食品 3
FOOD4043 Food Biotechnology 食品生物技术 3
FOOD4053 Food Waste Management 食品废料管理 3
FOOD4063 Food Product Development 食品产品开发 3
FOOD4073 Fruit and Vegetable Science 水果与蔬菜科学 3
FOOD4083 Introduction to Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 基础病理生理学及药理学 3
FOOD4093 Nutrition and Disease Prevention 营养与疾病预防 3
FOOD4103 Nutrition in Medical Therapy 营养医疗学 3
FOOD4113 Food Microbiology and Food Safety Laboratory 食品微生物和食品安全实验 3
FOOD4123 Food Packaging 食品包装 3
FOOD4133 Wine and Cheese Science 葡萄酒与奶酪科学 3
FOOD4143 Nutrition In Practice 实用营养学 3

Business and Management

CodeEnglish TitleChinese TitleUnits
ACCT2003 Principles of Accounting I 会计学原理I 3
ACCT2013 Principles of Accounting II 会计学原理II 3
BUS2013 Principles of Law 法律原理 3
ECON2003 Principles of Macroeconomics 宏观经济学原理 3
ECON2013 Principles of Microeconomics 微观经济学原理 3
ECON3053 Foundations of Chinese Economy 中国经济概论 3
FIN2003 Financial Management 财务管理 3
MHR3003 Human Resource Management 人力资源管理 3
MKT2003 Principles of Marketing Management 市场管理导论 3
MKT4023 Marketing Management in China 中国市场营销管理 3

The availability of major elective courses each semester is subject to minor changes and adjustments depending on staff availability.

3) General Education Programme

All students should complete 48 units of General Education (GE) courses to fulfil the graduation requirements. The GE Programme consists of (a) 32 units of GE Core (GEC) courses, (b) 12 units of GE Distribution (GED) courses, and (c) 4 units of Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules(WPEX). Please see Appendix I for detailed information about the GE Programme.

4) Free Elective Courses

The 24 units of Free Electives could be used by students to (a) spend a semester abroad; (b) take a minor; or (c) take more courses offered by the teaching units.

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