Name EN Name CN Title Office Email
ZHOU, Zhefang Sherry[1] 周哲芳 Programme Director
& Associate Professor
NG, Kah Hwa[1B] 黄加华 Professor T3-601-R1
HO, Kin Keung Kenneth 何坚强 Associate Professor T3-602-R11-H2
CHEN, Xiaoyi 陈小宜 Assistant Professor T3-502-R18
ZHANG, Wei 张未 Assistant Professor T3-401-R3
WONG, Chiu Fai 王朝辉 Assistant Professor T3-502-R19
ZHAO, Pengfei[2] 赵鹏飞 Assistant Professor T3-502-R20
ZHI, Tianhao 智天皓 Assistant Professor T3-401-R2 
WEN, Yaqing 温雅晴 Assistant Instructor I T3-401-R6-H3
YAN, Feng 闫峰 Assistant Instructor I T3-401-R6-H5
ZENG, Jie Tyra 曾婕 Assistant Instructor I T3-602-R25-H2
HAN, Xuefei Effie 韩雪菲 Assistant Instructor II T3-602-R25-H1
LU, Lu 卢鲁 Assistant Instructor II T3-602-R25-H5
XIA, Junwei Ryan 夏俊伟 Assistant Instructor II T3-602-R25-H11

[ 1 ] JIRS Fellow (appointment started before 1 Mar 2019): can be the Principal Supervisor/Co-supervisor for MPhil/PhD students;

[1B] JIRS Fellow B (appointment started on 1 Mar 2019): can be the Co-Supervisor for MPhil/PhD students;

[2] JIRS Associate Fellow (appointment started on 1 Mar 2019): can be the Co-supervisor for MPhil/PhD students.