Career prospects

The pressure for the free floating of RMB exchange rate, the development of Shanghai as a financial hub and the globalization of China’s economy cause the great demand for the people with the skills in financial mathematics and with the China focus. Our FM graduates are equipped with those capabilities and can take up the challenging and financially rewarding opportunities in the following areas:

  • Financial services: in investment, corporate and private banking, in currency trading, in credit risk and in management of hedge funds.
  • Actuarial profession: working primarily in pensions, life insurance and investments.
  • Public sector: government departments, public corporations, central banks and other public sector bodies, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
  • Other areas: in accountancy, tax, law, etc.

Prospects for graduate studies

UIC’s FM is at the international level. Our graduates could make the graduates studies at financial and business programs of most American and European universities. Most American top universities provide financial mathematics or financial engineering related courses, which asks for students with strong mathematics and finance as well good English performance. FM has the similar requirements.

Financial Mathematics and Engineering Programmes

2013-2014 Ranking of Financial Engineering programmes