Lectures & Seminars

On Sept 25, 2014, Dr Shannon Rutherford, Deputy Director of the Centre for Environment and Population Health, Griffith University, has explored the relationship between the environment and health in her two talks in UIC.

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On Oct 21, 2013, Prof. Nora F Y TAM, a professor in the Department of Biology and Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong, visited UIC and delivered a lecture entitled "Tolerance of Mangrove Wetland to Toxic Pollutants and its Bioremediation Potential" in B101.

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On March 14, 2012, Prof. M.H. Wong (Chair Professor of Biology, and Honorary Director of Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences at HKBU) visited UIC and offered a lecture entitled “Sources, Fates and Effects of Emerging Chemicals of Concern - with focus on the Pearl River Delta”.

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Internships and Filedtrips

Most students have internship experience before graduation. Students can find companies to do their internship by themselves. For students who want to do internship in Hong Kong and Guangdong province, we can arrange them to do their internship in the followings companies:

  1. Environmental Monitoring Station of Jinwan Area, Zhuhai
  2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Zhuhai
  3. Environmental Monitoring Station of Longgang, Shenzhen
  4. Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environmental and Soil Sciences
  5. China National Analytical Center Guangzhou
  6. Environmental Monitoring Station, Guangzhou
  7. ALS Laboratory Group, Hong Kong


Tangjia Water Plant                      Singyes Solar                               Geology fieldtrip 


Food Organic Farm                       Qi'ao Island                                 Water Treatment Plant 

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The Environmental Study Trip to Taiwan

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The Environmental Study Trip to Australia