After four years of study, Environmental Science graduates have already mastered the basic theoretical knowledge as well as professional skills, they can work in environmental related fields such as environmental management, environmental planning, environmental consulting, environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, environmental monitoring, natural resource management, natural ecological protection and other positions.  Environmental laws and regulations apply to everyone and all kinds of businesses, therefore our graduates can basically engage in management, sales and marketing, technology, scientific research and teaching in various enterprises, scientific research institutions, and universities.  In UIC, undergraduates are required to learn a wide range of knowledge and skills.  Thus, our graduates do not necessary to limit their career development in the environmental-related industry, which means that they can also have a promising career development in any other industries.

The graduates of environmental science who pursue excellence in academic can also choose to go to well-known universities at home and abroad to pursue further study in postgraduate level. Most of our graduates have been successfully admitted by the globally top 100 universities or the top 50 universities in Environmental Sciences subject.  The international education of UIC gives students an international perspective, so our graduates continue their further study in the world's top universities across different countries and regions around the world, including North America (e.g. USA, Canada), Europe (e.g. UK, Netherlands), Australia (e.g. Australia), and Asia (e.g. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan).

In the past, our graduates have been successfully accepted by the following world’s top universities or top universities in Environmental Science subject:

University College London, UK
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
The University of Edinburgh, UK
University of Pennsylvania, USA
University of Michigan, USA
The University of Tokyo, Japan
The Australian National University, Australia
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)
The University of Manchester, UK
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong (China)
The University of Melbourne, Australia
The University of Sydney, Australia
New York University, USA
The University of New South Wales, Australia
The University of Queensland, Australia
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)
The University of Warwick, UK
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)
Monash University, Australia
Zhejiang University, Mainland China
University of Glasgow, UK
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
The University of Sheffield, UK
The University of Western Australia, Australia
University of Leeds, UK
Wageningen University, Netherlands