The Environmental Science programme at UIC is an interdisciplinary programme which provides students with relevant scientific principles and skills and management concepts to understand the complexity of the environment, identify and characterize both natural and anthropogenic environmental problems especially those associated with rapid industrialization and urbanization, to evaluate risks associated with these problems, and to develop and formulate management strategies, sustainable systems, and public policies to resolve complex environmental issues.

China is becoming one of the world's fastest growing economic regions. The rapid growth has led to fast expansion of cities and urban centers into the rural areas, bringing along tremendous amount of construction and industrial activities. Such fast pace of industrialization often leads to environmental degradation, which ultimately affects the health of the people and the sustainability of growth. To ensure good environmental quality and standard of living, well-thought-out environmental policies and plans for sustainable economic development are required at the national, provincial and city levels.

Professionals who are well versed in the latest environmental technologies and corporate management skills are thus in great demand. Therefore, our graduates will find excellent job opportunities in these areas. Graduates can also choose to continue their studies at master’s and doctoral level. More than 70% of our graduates were successfully accepted into top universities in Hong Kong and around the world.

Programme Director: Dr. LEE, Chiu Hong Donald

Office: T8-608-R1
Telephone: (86-756)3620604