Title & Position: Associate Professor
Email: alanlai@uic.edu.hk

 Education & Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • Ed.D. in Ecological Psychology and Linguistics, University of Technology, (Sydney)
 Current Courses at UIC
  • Psychology of Chinese People
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Special Talk: Ecological Psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Health psychology
  • The Science of Well Being
 Research Interests
  • Ecological psychology/linguistics
  • Second language development/education
  • Intergenerational studies

Dr. Alan Lai received his undergraduate degree with honors in criminology and psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1996. He holds his master’s degree (in legal and forensic psychology) from the University of Leicester (2001), and his doctorate (in ecological linguistics and psychology) from the University of Technology, Sydney (2011). In collaboration with some public service and university agencies, Dr. Lai operates an initiative titled “Intergenerational-ESL” that aims to promote second language learning skills and active aging. With this background, Dr. Lai’s research publications are in the intersection of intergenerational programming, linguistics, and psychology.