Name EN
Name CN
Title Office Email
Alan Wai-Lun LAI 黎伟麟 Programme Director &
Associate Professor
Ghee Wee HO [1] 何义炜 Associate Professor T8-401-R4
Lily PeiTzu LEE 李珮慈 Assistant Professor T8-401-R10
Raine Rong Rong CHEN[1] 陈蓉蓉 Assistant Professor T8-401-R19
Thomas Jack HUGGINS / Assistant Professor T8-401-R7
Solna Linna XING 邢琳娜 Lecturer T8-401-R15-H1
Yi-Lung KUO[2-2] 郭奕龙 Adjunct Associate
Jenny Zhenzhi YANG 杨珍芝 Instructor I T8-401-R15-H2
EVA Yiyun WANG 王一云 Assistant Instructor I T8-401-R14-H16
Lesley Jianyun HE 何健韵 Assistant Instructor I T8-401-R14-H17
Kayson Weiqi QIN 秦维奇 Assistant Instructor II T8-401-R14-H6
Yu LI 李雨 Research Fellow T8-401-R17-H1
Audrey Tingwei HUANG / Foreign Intern

[1] JIRS Associate Fellow (appointment started on 1 Mar 2019): can be the Co-supervisor for MPhil/PhD students.