Students are normally expected to complete 132 units within the curriculum structure below:

Course Category Units
Major Required Courses (专业必修课) 45
Major Elective Courses (专业选修课) 15
General Education Core Courses (通识教育核心课) 32
General Education Distribution Courses (通识教育分类选修课) 12
Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules (全人教育体验学习课程) 4
Free Elective Courses (自由选修课) 24
Total 132

1) Major Required Courses

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
PSY2003 Biological Psychology 生物心理学 3
PSY2013 Research Methods in Psychology 心理学研究方法 3
PSY2023 Social Psychology 社会心理学 3
PSY2033 Developmental Psychology 发展心理学 3
PSY2043 Introduction to Psychology 心理学导论 3
PSY3003 Theories of Human Personality 人格心理学 3
PSY3013 Theories of Learning 学习原理 3
PSY3023 Abnormal Psychology 异常与变态心理学 3
PSY3073 Experimental Psychology 实验心理学 3
PSY3083 History and Systems In Psychology 心理学流派 3
PSY3093 Psychological Assessment and Testing 心理评估与测试 3
PSY4003 Human Cognitive Psychology 人类认知心理学 3
PSY4004 Final Year Project I (PSY) 毕业论文I 3
PSY4053 Health Psychology 健康心理学 3
PSY4063 Psychology of the Chinese People 中国人心理学 3
--- Total 合计 45

2) Major Elective Courses

Students will select 2 level-three (PSY3xxx) major elective courses (6 units) and 3 level-four (PSY4xxx) major elective courses (9 units) from the following list.

Code English Title Chinese Title Units
PSY3033 Forensic Psychology 辩证心理学 3
PSY3043 Consumer Psychology 消费者心理学 3
PSY3053 Educational Psychology 教育心理学 3
PSY3063 Psychology of Cultural Diversity 多元文化心理学 3
PSY3103 Positive Psychology 积极心理学 3
PSY4005 Final Year Project II (PSY)* 毕业论文II 3
PSY4013 Counselling Psychology 辅导心理学 3
PSY4023 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics 人际关系和团体动态学 3
PSY4033 Special Topic in Psychologyin Psychology:
Human Factors and Ergonomics**
心理学专题 3
PSY4043 Industrial and Organisational Psychology 工业与组织心理学 3
PSY4073 Foundations of Human Development and Education 人类发展与教育基础 3
PSY4083 Interpretation of Educational Research 教育研究解释  

* With the approval of the Programme Director, students may register Final Year Projects II (PSY) as a major elective in the second semester of year four to complete a 6-unit year-long final year project.

** With the approval of the Programme Director, and depending on the special topic selected, the “Special Topic in Psychology” subject can be offered as a year-two, -three, or –four major elective subject.

The availability of major elective courses each semester is subject to minor changes and adjustments depending on staff availability.

3) General Education Programme

All students should complete 48 units of General Education (GE) courses to fulfil the graduation requirements. The GE Programme consists of (a) 32 units of GE Core (GEC) courses, (b) 12 units of GE Distribution (GED) courses, and (c) 4 units of Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules(WPEX). Please see Appendix I for detailed information about the GE Programme.

4) Free Elective Courses

The 24 units of Free Electives could be used by students to (a) spend a semester abroad; (b) take a minor; or (c) take more courses offered by the teaching units.

  1. The curriculum is particularly relevant for the 2020 cohort students. Other students please refer to
  2. Appendix I: General Education
    Appendix II: Course Descriptions