What are the physiological changes while you are lying? How does your brain react when you suffer mood swings? Explore your inner world in the Applied Psychology Laboratories at UIC.


Intern Ms Alexandra Young (left), demonstrating the Electroencephalography (EEG) & Event-Related Potentials (ERP) System

The Applied Psychology Labs was officially opened on 23 October. The five labs are: Counseling Training & Behavior Observation Lab, Sensation & Perception Lab, Brain & Psychophysical Lab, Psychological Computing Lab, and Integrated Experimental Lab.

The labs are equipped with high-tech instruments: an Electroencephalography & Event-Related Potentials System, a polygraph, and an Eye-Tracking System. They also make various psychological experiments possible, such as sand tray therapy, art and play therapy, and a Signal Detection Theory test.

1    学生亲自体验心理学实验仪器
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Staff and students visit the labs

The labs enable UIC students to obtain advanced experimental knowledge, and create favourable conditions for the Applied Psychology Programme (AP) to meet the international academic standards.

President of UIC Prof. Ng Ching-Fai believes they will "play a significant role in the scientific and technological development in psychology".

"This programme has become an established core domain, giving unique emphasis to theories as well as various applications, such as organisational management, human resources, consumer behaviour and market analysis, clinical counselling, social work and administration, ergonomics and human factors, education and testing", he said at the opening ceremony.


President Prof. Ng, Dean of the Division of Science and Technology Prof. Stephen Chung, and Programme Director of AP Dr Ghee Ho unveil the nameplate of the labs at the Opening Ceremony

Initiated in 2010, UIC’s AP Programme has carried out a lot of of psychological research, and provided students with opportunities of practising and training, license examinations, and academic discussions and exchanges. It also built up Learning & Practice Bases with the Zhuhai Disabled Persons' Federation and the Shunde Xing Yu Social Services Centre early in 2013.

Reporter: Deen He Photographers: Irene Yu and Deng Wenwen (from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)