Name: Dr Lai, Wai-Lun Alan (Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology, DST)
Publication: "Intergenerational Strategies for Enriching the ESL Education Platform". Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Vol 11, 2013. London: Routledge. Pp. 425-439.

Dr Lai puts his focus on intergenerational approaches for framing, delivering, and improving English as a Second Language (ESL) education. He explores how activities that stimulate intergenerational (teacher-learner) sharing of real-life interests, stories, experiences, and perspectives also serve to provide useful contexts and encounters for promoting second-language skills development and practice. The article also examines theoretical propositions and interdisciplinary collaborations that have the potential for informing efforts to support and enrich the intergenerational ESL context.

dst ap bulletion3 2014 03 25 Six UIC students joined Dr Lai (third from left) for the Intergeneration-ESL Programme Press Conference, where Dr Lai chaired and released his evaluation outcome on 1 March at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Source: UIC Beacon Issuue VIII