Students are expected to complete 132 units within the curriculum structure below:

Course CategoryUnits
Major Required Courses (专业必修课) 48
Major Elective Courses (专业选修课) 12
General Education Core Courses (通识教育核心课) 32
General Education Distribution Courses (通识教育分类选修课) 12
Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules (全人教育体验学习课程) 4
Free Elective Courses (自由选修课) 24
Total 132

1)Major Required Courses

CodeEnglish TitleChinese TitleUnits
 COMP1013  Structured Programming  结构化编程 3
 COMP2003  Data Structures and Algorithms  数据结构和算法 3
 MATH1053  Linear Algebra I  线性代数I 3
 MATH1063  Linear Algebra II  线性代数II 3
 MATH1073  Calculus I  微积分I 3
 MATH1083  Calculus II  微积分II 3
 MATH2043  Ordinary Differential Equations  常微分方程 3
 MATH3033  Partial Differential Equations  偏微分方程 3
 MATH3043  Real Analysis (for MATH Students)  实变分析  3
 MATH3053  Numerical Methods I  数值分析I 3
 MATH3063  Multivariate Calculus  多元微积分 3
 MATH4093  Complex Analysis  复变分析 3
 MATH4103  Mathematical Modelling  数学建模 3
 MATH4113  Selected Topics in Applied Analysis  应用分析选论 3
 MATH4123  Final Year Project I (MATH)  毕业论文I 3
 STAT2023  Advanced Probability  高等概率论 3
--  Total  合计 48

2)Major Elective Courses

Students are required to select at least 4 courses (12 units) from the list below:

CodeEnglish TitleChinese TitleUnits
COMP3103 Database Management Systems 数据库管理系统 3
DS4023 Machine Learning 机器学习 3
MATH2033 Mathematical Statistics 数理统计学 3
MATH3003 Stochastic Processes and Applications 随机过程及其应用 3
MATH3013 Discrete Mathematics 离散数学 3
MATH3073 Multivariate Analysis (for MATH Students) 多元统计分析 3
MATH3083 Markov Chain and Queuing Theory 马尔科夫链和排队论 3
MATH3093 Supply Chain Modelling 供应链建模 3
MATH3103 Advanced Linear Algebra 高等线性代数 3
MATH3113 Vector Calculus 向量微积分 3
MATH3123 Numerical Linear Algebra 数值线性代数 3
MATH3133 Modelling and Simulation 建模与模拟 3
MATH4003 Graph Theory 图论 3
MATH4133 Numerical Methods II 数值分析II 3
MATH4143 Functional Analysis 泛函分析 3
MATH4153 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations 微分方程的数值方法 3
MATH4163 Final Year Project II (MATH) # 毕业论文II 3
OR3013 Linear Programming and Integer Programming 线性规划和整数规划 3
OR3033 Optimization Theory and Techniques 优化理论与技术 3
OR4043 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Programming 动态规划和随机规划 3
OR4053 Interior Point Methods for Convex Optimization 凸优化的内点法 3
STAT4073 Data Mining 数据挖掘 3

# Students who continue with the final year project in the second semester of Year 4 should, with the approval of the Programme Director, register Final Year Project II (MATH) 毕业论文II as a major elective in that semester.

The availability of major elective courses each semester is subject to minor changes and adjustments depending on staff availability.

3) General Education Programme

All students should complete 48 units of General Education (GE) Courses to fulfil the graduation requirements. The GE Programme consists of (a) 32 units of GE Core (GEC) Courses, (b) 12 units of GE Distribution (GED) Courses, and (c) 4 units of Whole Person Education Experiential Learning Modules (WPEX). Please see Appendix I for detailed information about the GE Programme.

4) Free Elective Courses

The 24 units of Free Electives could be used by students to (a) spend a semester abroad; (b) take a minor or (c) take more courses offered by the teaching units.

  1. The curriculum is particularly relevant for the 2020 cohort AM students. Other students please refer to
  2. Appendix I: General Education
    Appendix II: Course Descriptions