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Prof. Kaitai FANG

Professor of Statistics

Prof. Huaxiong HUANG

Dean of DST

Prof. Hongjian SHI

Professor of CST


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Dr. Xinzhi ZHANG

Programme Director of HKBU-AIDM
Assistant Professor of HKBU

Prof. Weifeng SU

Programme Director of AIDM
Professor of CST

Prof. Hui ZHANG

Programme Director of CST
Professor of CST


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Programme Director of DS
Associate Professor of DS

Dr. Huajun YE

Programme Director of Statistics
Associate Professor of Statistics

Dr. Zhefang ZHOU

Programme Director of FM
Associate Professor of FM


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Dr. Raymond Shu Tak LEE

Associate Professor of CST

Dr. Jefferson FONG

Assistant Professor of CST

Dr. Yunhui DENG

Associate Professor of Statistics


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Dr. Yu-Leung NG

Research Assistant Professor of HKBU

Dr. Xiaoyi FU

Lecturer I of HKBU