The Sixth Poster Presentation of Science and Technology
(BNU-HKBU United International College, 2018)


1. Aims and Scope:

Similar to the previous events, the Sixth Poster Presentation of Science and Technology (BNU-HKBU United International College, 2018) aims primarily to enrich students’ learning experience, promote active engagement, and relate their academic knowledge to research traditions. On a secondary level, it shall inspire students with opportunities to interact with audience from academia and real world industries.

2. Organizing Working Group (in alphabetical order of programme name):

  • Dr. LAI, Wai-Lun Alan (Applied Psychology Programme)
  • Dr. ZHANG, Hui Amy (Computer Science and Technology Programme)
  • Dr. XUANYUAN, Zhe (Data Science)
  • Ms. MO, Yuemei Sherry (Division Office)
  • Dr. TSIM, Siu-tai (Environmental Science Programme)
  • Mr. WANG, Chen (Financial Mathematics Programme)
  • Dr. WU, Mei Yi Daphne (Food Science and Technology Programme)
  • Prof. TSANG, Kang Too Ken (Statistics Programme)

3. Date/Time and Venues:

The poster presentation (event day) will be tentatively held on 18 April 2018 (Wednesday, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. at T1 Multi-function Room.

4. Student Participation:

There are at least four components that participating students will be actively engaged with:

  • Academic abstract writing
  • Poster design
  • Poster presentation
  • Active demonstration and direct interaction with audience participants
  • Demonstration booth setup (optional)

5. Award & Certificate:

Follows the practices in the previous events, in the Sixth Poster Presentation (2018), 5 types of award and certificate will be issued to recognize outstanding presenters. A number of Faculty members (note: may not be limited to DST) will be invited to form a Judging Panel on selecting the winners of award (3) and (4) listed below.

(1) The Student Choice Award: this award will go the presenter who can earn the highest number of audience participants’ votes.
(2) The Certificate of Outstanding Performance: this certificate will be issued to all poster presentation participants, recognizing their performance in research and project works, efforts and contributions towards this event.
(3) The Best Poster Award of Programme: this award may go to the best poster from each programme of DST. Currently, there are seven of such programs at UIC including Applied Psychology, Computer Science and Technology, Data Science, Environmental Science, Financial Mathematics, Food Science and Technology, and Statistics. To this end, seven posters could be expected to win this programme-based award.
(4) The Best Division Poster Award: at a division level, this award is tied to a competition joined by the six programmes. Only one poster is selected to win a plaque for this competitive award.
(5) The Outstanding Poster Supervisor Award of Programme: this award is go to the supervisor who has student(s) win the "Outstanding Poster Award of Programme".

6. Selection Strategies:

The organizing committee adopt a mixed approach to stretching and streamlining entry selection efforts. On one end that highlights flexibility, each of the seven DST programmes can draw up their own guidelines on recommending submission of entries.

7. Audience Participants:

This poster presentation event will invite all UIC students and faculty members to attend. Invitation could also be considered extending to relevant industries, institutions, and official agencies.

8. Production of abstract book:

To frame this event with a documented context close to a traditional symposium, an abstract book will be produced that it is containing all the poster abstracts.