Beyond our extensive range of offered courses, APSY possesses five research labs dedicated to educational and research purposes. These facilities and equipment provide faculty members and students with the opportunity to gain experience working with the most modern research tools currently available, in pursuit of our goals of furthering the development of psychological science, and the training and education of our students.

1) Counseling Training and Behavioral Observation Laboratory

This facility is dedicated to the study of infant development, and the training of our future counseling and clinical psychologists. This lab is primarily used for simulated individual and family counseling, and contains a wide range of equipment appropriate for use in Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Sand-tray Therapy. Closed circuit recording cameras permit audiovisual recording of all training and counseling activities and the lab is excellently equipped for use in data collection in support of lifespan (particularly child) development research as well.


Students are simulating the individual counseling.

2) Sensation and Perception Laboratory

Dedicated to the study of psychophysics, this lab is equipped with modern equipment used in the study of relative sensitivity thresholds, sensory receptor density mapping, signal detection theory, and multicolor preference and shape constancy testing.


Students are estimating how much an object weighs, without the use of visual information. 

3) Brain and Psychophysiology Laboratory

This lab possesses a range of equipment used in the measurement of brain activity, including electroencephalography (EEG), event-related potentials (ERP), and galvanic skin responses (GSR). This lab also possesses state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology.

dst_ap_rf_4.png  Polygraph.png

Left:The basic principles and function of the EEG/ERP System are explained by the instructor; right: Polygraph demonstration. 

dst_ap_rf_6.png dst_ap_rf_7.jpg

Eye-tracking equipment and the software         

4) Psychological Computing Laboratory

This lab contains 15 modern computers dedicated to the presentation and collection of behavioral data. It also possesses a wide range of up-to-date data presentation, collection, and analysis software, including SPSS, E-Prime, Excel, and other similar programs.


5) Integrated Experimental Laboratory

This lab possesses equipment used in measuring reaction time, visual threshold, mirror drawing, hand steadiness, and cancellation tasks. Beyond research purposes, all these labs are specifically dedicated to support students work on their Final Year Projects.

 dst_ap_rf_9.jpg C116.jpg

Left: Students doing tests in an experimental psychology course. Right: Prof. ZHANG, Genfa trying the hand-steadiness test.