1. Practice Bases

1.1 Zhuhai Disabled Persons' Federation

The Zhuhai Disabled Persons' Federation was formally established in April 1989, approved by Zhuhai municipal government. It is a functional department for Zhuhai disabilities, and also social welfare organizations and career management organization for them. On Jul 1, 2013, the Applied Psychology Programme of UIC set up the practice base connection with Zhuhai Disabled Persons ' Federation for students’ developmental practice and research cooperation.

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College News: http://uic.edu.hk/cn/home/news/13148-a

1.2 Shunde Xing Yu Social Working Service Center

Shunde Xing Yu Social Services Center provides a wide range of welfare services, including care support services for the disabled, rehabilitation services, employment support services; elderly services, and comprehensive community social work service. On Aug 30, 2013, the Applied Psychology Programme of UIC set up the practice base connection with Shunde Xing Yu Social Working Service Center for students’ developmental practice and research cooperation.

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College News: http://uic.edu.hk/cn/home/news/13273-as

1.3 Zhongshan Third People's Hospital

On June 10, 2015, the Applied Psychology Programme of UIC set up the practice base connection with Zhongshan Third People's Hospital for students’ developmental practice and research cooperation.

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College News: http://uic.edu.hk/cn/home/news/latest-news/18441-phi

2. Exchange and Developmental Activities

BLC (Bethany Lutheran College) Summer Study Program
Students will acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to successfully lead groups and will gain experience leading a variety of group configurations.
Practice is key to develop and master the skill of group leadership. In Writing to Think, students will focus on writing as a process that enables self-reflection and expression, critical and creative thinking, and the effective communication of ideas. The content of the two courses (Facilitating Groups, 3 credits; Writing to Think and Communicate, 3 credits) are designed to be complementary. This program works well for students who aspire to leadership positions in: Psychology, Social Work, and Business.


3. The Psychology Day

Apr 20, 2015, the Psychology Day was the opening activity to present smart science during interesting activities in the UIC 10th Anniversary Science Week. Outstanding students and staffs from Applied Psychology programme planned and prepared the Psychology Day to apply their knowledge and understanding of psychology to spectators. Spectators gained knowledge about psychology and the charm of the science by attending funny games, the bio-feedback relaxation competition, the psychological test, the knowledge competition and more.

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 Link: http://uic.edu.hk/en/home/news/17981-science-week-brilliance-and-fun

4. Workshop & Training

Nov 6, 2015, Dr. Harry Hui from the University of Hong Kong delivered a lecture entitled "Psychological Correlates and Consequences of Spirituality and Religious Faith".

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Oct 8, 2014, Prof Hou Zhi-jin from Beijing Normal University delivered a lecture about the past, present and future of counselling psychology in China at UIC.


Dec 7, 2013, Dr. Chuang Wang, Associate Professor of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, held a workshop in "Meta Analysis in Psychology".

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May 27, 2013, Hali Tsang, the CEO of The Pacific Institute visited Applied Psychology Programme and gave year 3 students a speech on Positive Psychology.

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April 5, 2013, Professor Li Yuqiu from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai was invited to give students a session for Wechsler Intelligence Test.